Smile Treatments

Using new and proven technologies, many patients have experienced smile makeovers. We can help. Young or old, many seniors have received our dedicated smile makeovers.

Here is information on a select line of services for you, from stable dentures and alternatives to an advanced offering – Lumineers by Cerinate


Composite Restorations, also known as white fillings . . .bigstockphoto_Beautiful_Smile_144167

Au Naturelle. That’s what you look like. Our white fillings are made to look like your natural teeth. Our dentists work under color-corrected lighting to help you determine and choose the correct shade of white. Then, special effort is put into removing caries, cavity preparation, bonding, filling, curing and finishing; so your restored tooth looks just like before! Presto!


No shots, No drill*, Permanent whitening*

Lumineers is our contact-lens-thin veneers. Offered in conjunction with our Californian laboratory, you might not believe what you see. Placed with no shots, no drill, it is today’s most exciting product. Believe it or not, it is also permanent!

Backed by a five-year materials warranty by the manufacturing lab, you’ll be proud to join our base of satisfied patients. Contact us for a consultation with your dentist on this high-tech offering!


Our new and proven techniques provide stable prosthodontics. Dentures

Succesful Senior Couple In Loveare a type of prosthodontic. Here’s a lineup:

  • Complete, stable dentures
  • Implant-supported dentures
  • Fixed bridges
  • Removable partial dentures
  • Lightweight flexible dentures


The beauty in metal-free crowns and bridges is their natural look with no dark grey edges commonly seen in traditional crowns. No esthetic problems too even when gums recede – unlike common traditional crowns.

Call us for a consultation on these proven treatment procedures.


Veneers are the instant, permanent white, beautifully shaped teeth — loved by everyone from fashion models to movie stars to,.. well, just about everyone else.

You can correct mis-aligned, mis-shaped teeth. You can transform your smile in just under two weeks!

Veneers are thin, usually ceramic or porcelain material, placed over your natural teeth to provide a visually appealing smile. They are also functionally helpful wherever original teeth are chipped or worn.

Call us for a consultation. These might just work for you!

For additional information on various treatment procedures and how they work, please consider this external info that is approved by the BC Dental Association.


*some patients may require traditional preparation involving anesthesia or trimming prior to application of Lumineers.


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