Value-added Services

From dental care to our No-Surprise Fee system, and to waiting lounge reading material, we are dedicated to giving you the best. We provide general family dentistry and cosmetic restorations. Specialty dentistry (such as Implants) is offered in conjunction with specialist colleagues. This page explains the value-added services we provide. See our Smile Treatments section for more on dental services.

Appointment Reminders

As a courtesy service, our staff offer telephone reminders a day or two prior to expecting your arrival. For patients who need medication prior to their reserved appointment, such calls provide additional preparatory care.

Stringent Infection Control Measures

We meet regulatory requirements for your health and safety. You’ll be pleased we do. In fact, we regularly exceed the requirements.

Our staff are diligent to disinfect all important surfaces before your visit. The surfaces are then disinfected again before the next patient is seated. Every time.

We have internally insisted on stringent procedures since year 2000. We autoclave all instruments, including scaler handpieces and air-water syringe tips. (Autoclaving refers to sterilizing at high pressure and temperature). Disposables are also discarded and replaced. Such items include head-rest covers, salivary ejectors, high-vacuum suction tips, and plastic sleeves on switches and handles. We take care of you.

Quality Dental Materials

For best results, we use top quality dental materials, and often recommend top-tier laboratory fabrications. You might pay a tad more, but our patients are happy and our recommendations have proven to save you money in the long term.

Waiting Lounge Readsbigstockphoto_Five_Happy_Kids_1998645

Our waiting lounge offer you and your children pre-screened material for suitability; complete with a bookshelf and stuffed toys.

No-Surprise Fee System. Fair Pricing Policy. Cards Welcome.
Our no-surprise fee system grants a no-obligation fee estimate to each patient. In fact, we always seek your formal approval before proceeding with extensive procedures. To do this, our staff will gather information from you about your insurance plans, if any, and a consultation with your dentist is needed to establish your needs.

AMEX img-29803

Our fair-pricing policy refers to non-price discrimination. Whether you are insured or not, we bill the same fees for the same dental procedures. Now that’s fair.

Numerous payment cards are accepted. We welcome Visa, MasterCard, American Express credit cards, and Interac debit card. For your convenience we also offer secure online invoicing and additionally accept the Discover card for online payments.

Electronic Claims Submission

We are an EDI equipped office. EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange. With this system, we can:

  • help insured patients check their individual coverage in a shorter time period through EDI Pre-authorizations request to their insurance company.
  • speed up Claims Submission, and help you receive quicker reimbursements, where applicable.

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