Digital Imaging

We adopted digital radiography since year 2000 — the first in our city!  Also known as Computed Digital Radiography (CDR).  CDR equipment offer low-radiation exposure to x-rays.  While this equipment cost over 4 times more expensive than regular film-based offices, the good news is your fees remained the same as previous film-based fees.

Perhaps more importantly, CDR improves diagnosis and helps enable early detection. Saves you money in the long term.

Intra-oral Digital Camerabigstockphoto_at_the_dentist_-_Teeth_at_the_633417

We employed this leading-edge device back in year 2004.  The size of a powered toothbrush, this is in fact a close-up tooth-and-soft-tissue camera. Now you can see what’s going on and can view your treatment better. In addition, you may discuss treatment options more effectively with your dentist.

Private Operatory

Have you been in a dental chair, and overheard the conversation in the next room between the patient and her dentist? Well, our private operatories (or treatment rooms) offer better privacy. Each operatory is a separate room. Now that’s a private facility!

Comfortable, Top-Model Dental Chair by ADEC Corporation of America

When you relax in our ADEC dental chair, you’ll be treated to some of the following features from this high-end model:

  • Leatherette upholstery
  • Automatic arm rest
  • Fully-adjustable headrest
  • Broad shoulder support
  • Chair-mounted computer monitor for your participation in diagnostics
  • Ergonomic, Radius system for your dentists to serve you better
  • Soft music is played in the operatory for your listening pleasure.
  • For added comfort, neck pillows and blankets are available upon request
  • Self-contained bottled water system for added protection from biofilm found in city water lines.

Ultrasonic Scaler

Using an air-driven ultrasonic tool, our dentist or hygienist removes tartar, plaque, and other buildup from teeth and gums with just a touch. The frequency emitted by the scaler tip does the work via sound resonance. It’s physics, and it works with maximum comfort for you. Gets the job done cleanly and in less time.. saving you money.

Curing Light

This tool speeds up the hardening of fillings after placement. The accelerated curing helps reduce your time in the dentist’s chair. Also used during teeth whitening or bleaching, this high intensity tool works efficiently. Now you can chew on food immediately after fillings are done.

Oil-less Compressor System

Dental equipment are commonly powered by compressed air. Your dentist needs to blow dry a prepared tooth surface prior to applying filling material. The air source is a compressor, which must produce dry, clean, air. To produce dry air, the source is pumped through a dessicant. However, to ensure oil-free air, our compressor system is of the no-maintenance, oil-less type. Imagine your vehicle without lube oil?  What a clean engine it would be! Such is the system that we use.

What’s the fuss about oil, you wonder? Well, the oil-free air helps ensure that your filling material is placed on cleanly prepared tooth surfaces for maximum bonding strength. This little extra helps to keep your fillings well glued to your teeth for long lasting performance.

Again, while the equipment costs more, there is no extra charge to you. Just our way of providing our very best.

Bio-sonic Cleaner and touchless systems

A touchless overhead dental light, and touchless water faucet help our operators maintain asepsis. A Bio-sonic Cleaner removes contaminants on instruments as a first-stage cleaning process. Thereafter, our Autoclave machine ensure sterile instruments through high pressure and temperature treatment.

Autoclave Sterilizer

This equipment sterilizes dental instruments through a high temperature and high pressure process. We use Biological Indicator Test devices to regularly confirm the effectiveness of the autoclaver, ensuring 100% sterilization of instruments.

We’ve got you covered all the way.

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