Corp Citizen

In addition to serving you in dentistry, we have chosen to be good corporate citizens. Here are some things we do as a member of our community.

Protecting the Environment

Some studies have revealed negative effects of mercury found in amalgam alloys. Amalgam alloys are the type of black or metal-colored fillings often used in the past and even today. While the jury was still debating its effects on health, we had taken pro-active steps. Concerned about our environment and its potential impact, we had chosen many years ago to offer composite restorations.

Heard of an Amalgam Separator? We installed this expensive filter to keep our dental waste lines clean. And we installed that before regulatory requirements.

In addition, we contract the services of a specialized Hazards Disposal firm for removal of used needles and such other bio-hazards. We also diligently recycle cardboard, drinks containers and disused equipment. Furthermore, as mentioned in the facility section, we employ an expensive yet chemical-free X-ray processing system, thus reducing chemical waste disposal.

You are doing your part for the planet when you make us your dental provider!

Community Dental Day ContributionMother and Child

Dr. Sherry Toh has personally contributed thousands of dollars worth of dental treatments on Community Dental Day. Such days were organized annually by the British Columbia Dental Association.

Top Marks for Inspection

Did you know that all facilities using x-ray equipment are subject to radiation inspections under the Canada Health Act? These are rules to protect the public. A recent Radiaton Inpectorate visit and report reveals our strong performance. This affirms our successful investment in low-radiation equipment. ln addition, we believe that our unique private-walled operatories further enhance your individual protection.

Early Voluntary Compliance

Have you heard of Entandem? That’s our Canadian music licensing entity that helps collect fees for the benefit of Composers, Authors of Music, and performers of music of Canada. Alpine Dental Centre is a licensed music facility with Entandem, which means we pay royalties to composers and musicians for using overhead music in our premises.

Corporate Donations

We contribute annually to some charities, notably, The Canadian Red Cross, The Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada, and Christian charities.

Charities seeking donations are kindly asked to write to The Charities Manager, Alpine Dental Centre. Please write, because our published phone number is dedicated to patient communications. Thank you for your understanding.

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